Mike's Mourners

He may be wickedly charming but his smile masks a dark past…

The Story…

Mike’s Mourners is an offbeat tale about a young man with a dark secret on a strange quest. Sex and Death intertwine as he sets out to sleep with a hundred grieving women. It must stay a secret from his girlfriend Marie and her protective family. Although it is a tall order, he is a real charmer and well equipped to tackle his project, being subconsciously driven by events from his childhood in Shropshire.


Enthusiastically, he progresses until he meets Flo Bickerstaffe, the widow of a local gangster. He quickly realises she is not the same as his other suitors. 


Undaunted, he continues on his quest, taking him as far as Seville and as close as his own doorstep, where he comes across a fragile and vulnerable ex-girlfriend. 


He knows he will not find lasting love from the women he meets. Then he meets someone different. Someone special.......




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"A real page-turner"


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