" I felt it would make a good tv series"

Amazon reviewer

The author has done a good job in describing and making the storyline link together with it’s individual storylines effortlessly meshing and criss crossing together when required. I love the way the author states where the various characters are at a any moment in time. It helps us readers feel grounded. There were times whilst reading it that I felt it would make a good tv series. 

"The inevitable happening was my 'oh my gosh' moment that I love in my books."

Nora - Goodreads reviewer

Reading the book was effortless and enjoyable. Seeing how far Mike’s luck would hold out. And seeing it run out of steam with the inevitable happening was the ‘oh my gosh’ moment that I love in my books. 


I won’t spoil the storyline by telling the plot but this first novel, by a talented author, is well worth a read. 

"Dark in places and comic in others. A real page-turner."

Kathy - Goodreads member

Mike's Mourners was an interesting and unusual book. The narrative flows well as the characters fit seamlessly into the story. Mike is a completely amoral young man intent on pursuing his own desires oblivious to the feelings of those around him using people shamelessly for his own ends, seeming to have no redeeming qualities but gradually we come to realise why he is like this and that his story is not going to end well, but the roller-coaster ride he pursues is well written and keeps us engaged to the end. Quite dark in places and comic in others. A real page-turner.